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Places to Fly

If you're flying into the area, there are a few things you'll want to see. These are some of our favourite places to fly...

Fundy Coast

Down the Saint John River and up the Fundy Coast to the Hopewell Rocks

Flight: ~220 NM Round Trip

A "must-see" in the area is the Fundy Coast! Spot the Hopewell Rocks, and see how much the tides change en route. Follow the Saint John River to the coast and head east until you hit the Peticodiac River.

Fundy Trip.png

Upper River Valley

North-West along the Saint John River to Grand Falls

Flight: ~230 NM There and Back

Head upriver and spot some of the Saint John River Valley's most visible landmarks like the Mactaquac Dam, the Nackawick Axe (world's largest), the Heartland Covered Bridge (world's longest), and the Gorge of Grand Falls.

Upriver trip.png

Saint Stephen


To     CCS3

Flight: ~50 NM One-Way

Follow the hydro-lines from the Tracy departure down to Saint Stephen. Walk or cab into town to explore the local restaurants, trek the Waterfront Trail, or enjoy the Ganong Chocolatier (Canada's oldest candy company).

Grand Manan

From  CYFC

To      CCN2

Flight: ~70 NM One-Way

Head to the south coast and chase the ferry across the Bay of Fundy, past the Wolf Islands to Grand Manan. Fly around to see its spectacular coastline, or land at the airport and cab to the east coast for some fresh seafood.


This page is not intended as a flight-planning resource.
Consult current VNCs, CFS, NOTAMs, etc. for flight-planning.

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